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Workshop: How to Network In Person

11. May / 6:00 pm EDT

Price: Free

Event details

Date: 11. May

Schedule: 6:00 pm EDT

Event type: In-Person

Organizer: North Carolina Chapter

Location: Noda Company Canteen, 1824 Statesville Ave, Charlotte, NC 28206

About this event

Welcome to the first-ever Latinas in Tech North Carolina event in Charlotte aka Queen City! Our upcoming workshop, “How to Network In Person” is designed to help Latina professionals enhance their networking skills and make the most of their in-person conference attendance.

As we transition back to in-person events, it’s essential to know how to network effectively and build meaningful connections that can lead to career growth and success. During this workshop, we will cover some more obscure but equally important skills to help you stand out in professional settings. These include:

  • Tactics to prepare for meaningful relationship building,
  • Talking to recruiters, pitching your brand or business,
  • Researching your network with purpose,
  • Etiquette, and
  • Expressing your own brand through authentic presence and fashion.

This small-group setting will provide an intimate learning experience with experts who will share their insights and practical tips for mastering these skills, which can make a big difference in your career. This event is open to all Latina professionals, from entry-level to executive level. Join us for an event full of learning, networking, and taking your first steps towards advancing your career.

Don’t miss this chance to connect with other motivated and experienced professionals in the tech industry and build your professional network in North Carolina. We can’t wait to see you there!



Etiquette and polished professionalism

Alejandra Persinger will cover essential social skills and protocols to help you navigate professional settings with confidence and ease. From proper introductions to table manners and business card exchange, you’ll learn the etiquette rules that can make or break a first impression. The session will also include tips on how to gracefully handle difficult situations and ensure that you come across as polished and professional.

Building a meaningful relationship

Stacy Cassio from Pink Mentor will share her expertise on meaningful relationship building. You’ll learn practical strategies to develop and maintain professional relationships that can advance your career. Stacy will cover topics such as identifying key contacts, staying in touch, and leveraging your network to achieve your goals. This is a unique opportunity to learn from a successful Latina professional who has built a thriving career through relationship building.

On Brand and In Fashion

Ohavia Phillips, founder and CEO of Dije Lo Que Dije, will share insights on how to bring your personal brand and fashion into networking. In this session, you’ll learn how to express your unique personality and style through your professional image, and how to make a lasting impression on others. Ohavia will provide practical tips on how to incorporate your brand and fashion into your networking approach, and how to use them to build meaningful connections with others. This session is perfect for anyone looking to showcase their personal brand and stand out in a professional setting.

Pitching your brand and business

Lindsay Van Leer will share expertise on how to present your business and brand effectively to get buy-in from others. Lindsay will discuss the importance of a strong elevator pitch and how to craft one that captures your unique value proposition in the first few seconds. You’ll learn practical tips on how to structure your pitch, how to tailor it to different audiences, and how to use it to build interest and engagement. Lindsay’s insights and experience as the CEO and founder of Padlist will be invaluable for anyone looking to pitch their brand or business to potential clients, investors, or partners, and that next job!

Talking to Recruiters and Hiring Managers

Carmen Thomas from Accrue Partners will share insights on how to effectively talk to recruiters and hiring managers. Carmen is a seasoned pro on how to make a great first impression and will share tips and tricks on how to highlight your strengths and experience, and how to ask the right questions to determine if the position is a good fit for you. This session with Carmen is a MUST for anyone looking to improve their job search skills and land their dream job in the tech industry.

Research Your Network with Purpose

Alma Islas will provide guidance on how to research your network with purpose. As you sit with Alma you’ll learn how to identify and research potential contacts, how to leverage social media and other tools to find the right people, and how to prioritize your outreach efforts for maximum impact. Alma will also provide tips on how to personalize your outreach and build relationships that can lead to career growth and success. This session is perfect for anyone looking to expand their professional network and make meaningful connections in the tech industry.

Workshop: How to Network In Person

11. May / 6:00 pm EDT

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