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Date: 03. March

Schedule: 12:00 pm PST

Event type: Online

In this event, we’re going to chat with Priscilla Parodi, March 3, 12:00 PM PST, where she’ll share with us great insights about mentorship and partnership and how they could be applied towards a startup growth. Priscilla Parodi is a Developer Advocate at Elastic and during her career she has mentored several startups in hackathons, accelerator programs and incubators. Being on the other side of the partnership, representing the technology provider, she will share with us what she has been learning on this journey. At the end of the chat, we’ll have some time for a Q&A with the attendees. Don’t miss out!

What I’ve Learned: How Partnership, Mentorship and Startup Programs Can Collaborate With a Startup’s Growth Journey

03. March / 12:00 pm PST

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