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Date: 18. April

Schedule: 4:00 pm PDT

Event type: Online

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Workshop Overview

Turing School is partnering with Latinas in Tech, a non-profit organization with the aim to create a tech industry where Latinas are well-represented throughout all levels of the ecosystem by empowering them to be innovators and leaders. Together, we aim provide an inclusive environment where participants learn to code in a welcoming and collaborative environment.

Event Overview

Try Coding Instruction: Spend two hours learning how to code in a virtual workshop taught live, with support from a Turing alumni. You will leave this event with your own code project.

Instructor Bio: Brandi Gehrke

Brandi is a former Engineer, now career educator, who spent nearly 12 years in the classroom both as a K-12 teacher and as a Computer Science instructor in higher education. In her role as a CS instructor in higher ed, she developed and taught classes aimed to broaden the reach of Computer Science. In her current role, Brandi looks forward to bringing her passion as an educator to prospective students at Turing in the Try Coding sessions. She hopes to cultivate and transform their interest in coding into actionable steps towards a career as a software developer.

Important Information:

Please ensure you have a computer that can open a web browser and headphones for this class. It is not required to use multiple screens for this class, but we do recommend it. You cannot complete this class on a phone or tablet.

Additional information is located at the bottom of this page in the FAQ section. 

Why You?

If you are someone who is interested in a new career, a challenge or coding—join us!

Maybe you have a friend who’s a software developer, maybe back in the day you enjoyed changing your Myspace page with HTML (I mean.. who didn’t?) and want to learn more, or maybe you are looking for a new career change and just don’t know where to start.

Regardless of your reason, come! Get your first introduction to coding, meet leaders across the tech industry and meet some amazing people along the way—we know we are excited to meet you.

What Now?

Software Development is a career in demand—offering high flexibility (say goodbye to that standard 9:00-5:00 job), portability (work from wherever you want—whether that’s the office, your couch, or remotely in a new city every month) and the starting salary isn’t too bad either! Turing School alumni earn a starting median salary of $80,000+ in their first job out of the program.

We’re not asking for you to enroll in our school today—but we are asking you to try coding out for yourself and see if it’s a career you’re excited about! ​


Don’t see the answer you need below? Questions? Contact trycoding@turing.edu

1. How will I connect to the virtual session?

You will need a computer for this class that can connect to the internet and operate Zoom. We recommend that you download Zoom now to ensure it is compatible with your computer. A specific Zoom link will be sent to attendees upon registration.

2. What equipment should I have for this online class?

A computer that can connect to the internet via a web browser. We recommend using headphones to minimize distractions and ensure you can access the information. It will also be beneficial to find a quiet working space where you will be able to focus during the duration of the course.

3. I’ve already practiced some code as a hobby or through CodeAcademy —will I still benefit from this session?

This session is designed for people who are brand new to code and have never tried it before. In particular, we will be giving instruction on HTML, CSS and JavaScript with the intention that our audience has never learned or spent time with those programming languages before. If you do have experience waith those languages, please know that you are welcome, but some parts may be a review.

Try Coding x Turing School: Building Latina Representation in Tech

18. April / 4:00 pm PDT

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