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Date: 06. January

Schedule: 12:00 pm PST

Event type: Online

According to one of the leading cybersecurity accreditation organizations, ISC2, “in the U.S. cybersecurity industry, 4% of workers self-identified as Hispanic, with only a representation of 7% of the STEM workforce, while making up 15% of the US workforce.” With Cybersecurity being Tech’s best-kept secret, we’re here to share how anybody in the world – especially Latin American women – can break into the industry. 

Join us for an invigorating Fireside Chat with Soledad Antelada Toledano, Security Technical Program Manager at Google & Founder of GirlsCanHack, and Rocío Medina van Nierop, Co-founder & Executive Director at Latinas in Tech, as they gather in honor of  National Technology Day. 

In commemoration of the Universal Pictures’ Film, The 355, Rocío and Soledad will share their perspectives on why cybersecurity has consistently been categorized as one of the fastest-growing areas in tech, and how Latinas are forging a grassroots effort to help shape it into a more inclusive career option for women around the world. The 355 (Universal Pictures) which will be in theaters on January 7th, 2022.

Setting the Standard: How Latinas are Taking The Lead in Technology

06. January / 12:00 pm PST

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