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Date: 05. October

Schedule: 9:30 am PDT

Event type: Online

We know making a successful career is not something that happens overnight. As such, reaching a point where you possess a successful career that allows you to elevate & empower your community, can be just as difficult. Join us for an exclusive Fireside Chat conversation with Cesar Cernuda, President at NetApp & Maria Murillo, VP of Finance at NetApp, as they discuss their prosperous career journey. They will discuss value in partnering with allies, while highlighting how through their heritage and upbringing, has provided space for diversity of opinions to be brought to the cooperate table, shifting conversations and allowing for someone else who is climbing the ranks, to feel heard, recognized and acknowledged!


Owning & Embracing your Heritage as an Executive Leader with César Cernuda, President, and Maria Murillo, VP of Finance at NetApp

05. October / 9:30 am PDT

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