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Date: 25. July

Schedule: 12:00 pm PDT

Event type: Online

 Lunch and Learn: Challenges and Opportunities for Allyship in the Latinas in Tech Community

Event Description:

You are cordially invited to an enriching and empowering virtual event: the “Challenges and Opportunities for Allyship in the Latinas in Tech Community” Lunch and Learn! We are thrilled to collaborate with the Discord team for this special occasion, bringing you valuable insights from our esteemed guest speakers, Aaron Suarez and Jonathan Garcia.

Our Lunch and Learn events are designed with your growth and success in mind. As part of the Latinas in Tech community, we strive to provide you with invaluable information and workshops that will boost your career in the tech industry. Throughout the event, we will focus on topics such as landing your dream job in tech, personal branding, resume building, and effective job hunting strategies. Additionally, we’ll encourage you to update your profiles, ensuring a seamless and successful membership recruitment process. During this event, Aaron and Jonathan will share their own experiences of overcoming challenges and leveraging opportunities in allyship within the Latinas in Tech Community. Their insights, advice, and inspirational stories will pave the way for all of us to become stronger allies, fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for each other’s growth.


Meet Our Inspiring Speakers:

Aaron Suarez

As a Senior Software Engineer at Discord, based in San Francisco, Aaron is a driving force behind the platform’s expression features like emojis and stickers. Beyond his impressive technical expertise, Aaron plays a pivotal role as the Lead for La Cafeteria, Discord’s Latinx Employee Resource Group, where he champions diversity and fosters a sense of community. When he’s not immersed in coding, Aaron finds joy in video games, choreographed hip-hop dance, and his addiction to popcorn.


Jonathan Garcia

Jonathan’s passion for inclusion, diversity, and purpose led him to become the Manager for the Inclusion, Diversity, and Purpose department at Discord. Simultaneously, he’s pursuing his Masters of Liberal Arts at Stanford, showcasing his commitment to continuous growth and learning. Moreover, Jonathan contributes his expertise to the Community Programs department at Coachella Arts & Music Festival. His journey from Fontana, CA, to his current position is a testament to the possibilities within the tech industry.

Lunch and Learn: “Challenges and Opportunities for Allyship in the Latinas in Tech Community”

25. July / 12:00 pm PDT

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