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Hispanic Heritage Month: Innovation in Tech @ Taco Bell 

10. October / 5:00 pm PDT
Price: Free

Event details

Date: 10. October

Schedule: 5:00 pm PDT

Event type: Online

Hispanic Heritage Month: Innovation in Tech @ Taco Bell – Virtual Event

In today’s digital age, embracing innovation is not just a choice – it’s a necessity. Join us virtually at Taco Bell, where we constantly strive to push the boundaries of technology and innovation. We’re thrilled to invite you to a unique virtual experience that will allow you to connect with Taco Bell’s thought leaders and technology experts as they delve into our ambitious technology goals. In collaboration with LiT, this event offers you the opportunity to gain insights that could shape your career path, featuring interactive panel discussions with Taco Bell’s tech team, who have navigated fascinating career journeys.

Event Schedule:
Date: Tuesday, October 10th
Time: 5:00 pm PST to 7:00 pm PST

Event Highlights:

  • Inspirational keynote speakers unveiling our tech roadmap.
  • Engaging panel discussions on career pivots and technology transformations.
  • Interactive Q&A sessions, giving you direct access to industry influencers.
  • Exclusive sneak peeks into the incredible career opportunities we are offering.


  • Vadim Parizher: VP, Technology
  • Madia Aymerich: Associate Manager, Social
  • Silvina Cendra: Director, Digital
  • Daniel Fragoso: Director, International Technology
  • Malia Alley: Director, Technology

Panelist Topics:

  • Your personal career journey and the pivotal moments that shaped it.
  • The factors that led you to pursue a career in technology/digital.
  • How your expertise contributes to and supports our business.
  • Valuable advice you have for Latina professionals and those venturing into the Tech/Digital space.

Virtual Event Details:

Join us from the comfort of your own space, anywhere in the world, as we explore innovation in tech during Hispanic Heritage Month. We look forward to connecting with you online for an evening of inspiration and networking.

For more information about our company and culture, please visit our LinkedIn page and follow us!

*Note: The onsite portion of the event has been canceled for this virtual event.

To learn more about open roles at Taco Bell, can scan the QR code below:

Hispanic Heritage Month: Innovation in Tech @ Taco Bell 

10. October / 5:00 pm PDT

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