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Date: 07. December

Schedule: 4:00 pm CST

Event type: Online

Join us on December 7th from 4-5pm CT for an exhilarating exploration into the world of technology consulting, brought to you by Latinas in Tech and West Monroe. This virtual gathering promises to be an engaging hour filled with valuable insights, knowledge-sharing, and the opportunity to connect with industry leaders.

Agenda: Demystifying Tech Consulting

1. Introductions & About West Monroe
Kick off the event with a warm welcome and get to know the powerhouse behind the scenes – West Monroe. Discover their mission, values, and the exciting projects that make them a trailblazer in the tech consulting realm.

2. Deep Dive into Tech Consulting
Get ready for a deep dive into the heart of tech consulting. Delve into real-world examples, success stories, and gain a comprehensive understanding of the skills and strategies that drive impactful tech solutions. This segment is designed to empower you with the knowledge needed to thrive in the ever-evolving tech industry.

3. Questions/Follow-Up
Engage in an interactive session where your burning questions find answers. Connect with our esteemed speakers, share your thoughts, and gain valuable insights that will linger long after the event concludes. This is your chance to actively participate in the conversation and network with like-minded individuals.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to unravel the mysteries of tech consulting with Latinas in Tech and West Monroe. Secure your spot now for an hour of enlightenment and connection that promises to elevate your understanding of the tech world. West Monroe is currently evaluating open opportunities for 2024. Please stay in touch with us by joining our talent network here: https://westmonroepartners.my.site.com/talentnetwork/s/

See you there! ¡Vamos! 🚀✨

Demystifying Tech Consulting with Latinas in Tech & West Monroe

07. December / 4:00 pm CST

Event finished