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Date: 21. February

Schedule: 12:00 pm PST

Event type: Online

The United States is home to approximately 5 million Afro-Latinos. Given the country’s current state of unrest regarding race and ethnicity, Afro-Latinos provide a unique perspective concerning what it’s like to be Latino and Black in Corporate America.  Latinas in Tech will host a Cafecito session on Feb 21, from 12:00 – 1:00 pm PST, and we invite our members to join us in conversation, as we explore the impact Race and Identity has on Afro-Latinas within the Workplace. Our virtual Cafecito sessions are designed to be a safe space, providing open dialogue, community gathering and representation to our members.

We highly encourage members within our community who identify as Afro-Latina to join us & discuss your personal and professional corporate experiences during our Cafecito discussion. Latinas in Tech strives to continue to amplify marginalized voices to our community, bringing forth to the forefront perspectives and experiences relevant to the community we serve.

Cafecito: Exploring Race and Identity in the Workplace as an Afro-Latina

21. February / 12:00 pm PST

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