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Date: 21. July

Schedule: 1:00 pm PDT

Event type: Online

The future of work is hybrid. Location-agnostic positions are now an expectation rather than an alluring exception. In a recent study of those who recently accepted jobs in a new city, 90% were not required to relocate. The research is clear – the majority of workers prefer hybrid or remote work, and they are willing to make big changes in order to attain it. 

Join us on July 21, 11:00 am PST, for a conversation with Iterable’s CMO, Adriana Gil Miner and members of the Interable team, as we explore the importance to creating a culture that’s geared toward helping remote and hybrid workers thrive is absolutely essential to the future of your organization.

Building a Cohesive Hybrid Workplace

21. July / 1:00 pm PDT

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