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Date: 29. March

Schedule: 3:00 pm PDT

Event type: Online

One of our most popular subs on Reddit is the AMA (Ask Me Anything) – think of it as an open conversation where you can dive into any questions you like with the guest speaker. 

We’re bringing you a live AMA via this 1 hour event presented by Reddit’s DIB team, Recruiting team, and Organization for Latinx Employees (OLE). Join us for this intimate and illuminating program exclusively for members of the Latinas in Tech network! Reddit is currently hiring, and we hope to meet job-seekers like you during the event so we can tell you more about careers at Reddit. 

The first 30 minutes will feature a panel conversation between three Latinas in executive and senior roles at Reddit. Get inspired by their experiences breaking into the industry, rising the ranks, and bringing their full selves and unique gifts to the workplace. Come with questions! — the AMA format is casual and we’d love attendee input in the convo. 

For the last 30 minutes, choose from 1 of 2 breakout rooms depending on your area of interest: Biz roles (for those who work in tech) and Tech roles (for those who work on tech). Reddit recruiters from our Organization of Latinx Employees resource group will be in each room to chat with you, talk about our open roles, and give you resume and interview tips for landing a job at Reddit! 

Our panelists will also be in the breakout rooms — you won’t want to miss this opportunity to connect one-on-one. 

Space is limited, therefore we highly encourage you to register to secure a place in our waitlist. You will receive an email closer to the date, confirming your reservation to the event.

“Ask Me Anything”: A Reddit-Style AMA on Rising the Ranks in Your Tech Career

29. March / 3:00 pm PDT

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